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We are at "SM Discus Farm", dedicated to supply you the best quality Discus fish at affordable prices. Our vast variety collection is comprised of both locally bred Discus varieties as well as imported blood lines to give our customers a wider choice. We assure our fish is in good health & disease free.Our business operates in import, export, retail and wholesale markets. We export Discus to countries in Asia, Middle East and even in Europe.

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SM Discus Farm

We are pioneers in import, breeding, export and local sale of Discus fish in Sri Lanka. Our main breeding facility and the sales outlet is located at Udugampola, Gampha, Sri Lanka since 2016. In addition our team consists of many experienced Discus growers who are exclusively dedicated to grow our locally bred fingerlings to the sellable sizes. Our customer base extends from local to South-East Asia, USA, UAE and even to the Europe.

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I greatly appreciate your assistance and guidance in upgrading my aquarium. Extremely knowledgeable and most helpful. Just great service. Highly recommend!

Lisa Jackson

The Aqualots team members are professionals. It’s such a joy working with you guys. An Aquarium in our office is amazing. I will recommend you to all my friends!

Linda Moris

Aqualots has been great to work with! They’ve been extremely responsive to any questions or needs we have. I highly recommend this team for your home or office aquarium maintenance.

Tina Johnson

Lisa JacksonLinda MorisTina Johnson
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We offer a full line of professional aquarium services. Not only can we help to set up your aquarium, but we’ll also design & configure it as well.

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Often regarded as the king of the freshwater aquarium, discus fish are one of the most beautiful species of freshwater aquarium fish; and one of the hardest to keep. The demanding aquarium conditions that these fish require to survive make it an unsuitable fish for beginner and intermediate aquarists.